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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have some questions about how and why you should integrate Tabulae in your software lifecycle management.

Developing Business Intelligence and Data Analytics features is very expensive and require highly specialized profiles. It is a matter of costs and time-to-market. With Tabulae, you invest your time to concentrate in your product and let us help you with our experience and technology.
We do strongly believe in cooperation. We adapt ourselves to your product business model or to your software project. There are of course some variables to be considered, for instance, SaaS vs. On-premise deployment. However, Tabulae is always delivered as a complete platform, with no hidden or extra costs, providing stable prices fitting your cost requirements. We win only if you win. More details here.
We would be delighted if you consider us as part of your team. But, no. It is not necessary. Tabulae is really simple and easy-to-use. You are completely autonomous and independent to evolve your Tabulae-based analytic & BI module according to your roadmap. Yet, we will always be here if you need us.

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