We adapt to your needs, providing tailor-made plans to meet your business requirements.

  • I have a project

    You are developing a web application, a platform or a web portal. We provide you a complete Tabulae license at a fixed cost for this environment. No user, no report, no dashboard limit. Completely embedded in your software project.

  • I have a product/service

    There are a lot of software business models (both product & service). Tell us your customer requirements, how you will deliver the functionality and we make the perfect fit. With the transparency you (and your product) need.

  • I am a software vendor

    You sell management software, such as ERPs, CRMs, PMSs, and the producing company is not committed to data exploitation. Or you do not like the current alternative. Do not worry. You can count on us to help your customers.

Design dashboards and reports with easy-to-use visual editors

No need of programming skills.

What do we offer you

Tabulae is a all-in-one software without additional hidden costs. You don’t have to pay more for extra features. All the potential of Tabulae is available from the beginning.

Analytics & BI

Tabalae empowers you to build complex reporting solutions and powerful interactive dashboards.

  • Data sources: SQL & NoSQL DBs, REST APIs and files.
  • Data dynamic exploitation
  • Data export: PNG, MS Excel, CSV and PDF
  • Drill-down, advanced formulation, query visual builders
  • Analytics engine

UI & Security

Customize your Tabulae applications with you corporate image. Create a seamless user experience with your solution.

  • White label
  • Embedded applications
  • Application customization
  • Single Sign-On
  • Public & Private Applications
  • User management
  • Authorization level management


Integrate and deliver Tabulae within your software solution according to your operation and software deployment model (DevOps).

  • On-premise & SaaS model
  • Linux (Unix) & Windows servers
  • PaaS deployment: GCP (Google), EC2 (Amazon) & Azure (Windows)
  • Docker containersr
  • Administration Panel
  • 100% web client

Tabulae is already at your disposal.

Tell us what are you looking for and we create a tailored plan for your needs.

Embed Tabulae seamlessly with your software solution

How is Tabulae licensed

Tabulae is always licensed in full version. No additional costs for new modules, editor users, connectors or extra features that drive up the final price. The integration with Tabulae escalates in costs and seamlessly fits your business model.

All-in-one platform

Use a full version of Tabulae from the very beginning.

SaaS & On-premise

It is your choice. In your customer house, your house or ours.

100% web platform

There isn’t heavy desktop clients. Access always from a web browser.

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Who we are

Tabulae is owned by Triari Labs S.L.


Plaza Foncalada, 2, 33001
Oviedo (Spain)

(+34) 985 214 634